Purchase and Maintenance
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The purpose for cleaning and Maintenance

⒈ To improve appearance: remove dirt in time, so that the elastic floor can fully show its extraordinary appearance and natural glossiness.

⒉ Protect the flooring: Please protect the flooring from the erosion of accidental chemicals, cigarette marks, shoe prints, oil and water, to minimum the mechanical wear of the surface, so that the durability of the flooring is fully played, thus prolonging the service life of the flooring.

⒊ Convenient nursing: due to the tight surface structure and special treatment of the elastic floor itself, pay attention to the daily cleaning and maintenance, it will make the flooring more easy to care and prolong the service life.


⒈ All kinds of dirt on the flooring should be removed in time.

⒉ The flooring is absolutely forbidden to soak into water, Although some ground uses waterproof glue to isolate the water source (such as floor drain, water room and so on), it will seriously affect the service life of the flooring by soaking in water for a long time. During the cleaning process, the suction machine is useful to dry the sewage.

⒊The maintenance cycle should be shorten for the place with large walking flow and abrasion. increase the waxing times of high strength surface wax.

⒋ Strictly prohibit to use any hard, rough cleaning appliances (such as steel ball, scouring pad, etc.),  avoid sharp objects from hitting the elastic floor.

⒌ It is highly recommended that a mat be placed at the entrance of a public place with high flow rate, avoid the smear scratch the flooring.

(1) clean and maintain the floor after laying / before using.

1.First remove the dust and debris on the flooring. 

⒉Use the rubbing machine and 3M red grate or similar products at low speed clean (with a strong general cleaning agent 1: 20 diluted with water to join the ground machine), remove the protection wax from the flooring surface, grease, dust and other dirt, use water absorption machine to suck up the sewage. 

⒊Wash the flooring with clean water and dry it. 

⒋Waxing 1-2 layers of high strength wax as your required.

Cleaning agent: strong general cleaning agent, high strength surface wax

Tools: grinder, red grinder slice, water suction machine, wax dragging and water squeezing machine. 

(2)daily cleaning and maintenance

⒈Dust or vacuum cleaner. (drag the dust dragging agent on the trailer and dry it and push the dust.)

⒉Wet mop. (use floor cleaning glazing agent diluted by 1 to 20 water and mop with semi wet mop). If necessary, you can also use the floor cleaning machine with wash & Shine to do low speed cleaning. 

Cleaning agent:  Mop dust agent  flooring cleaning glazing agent 

Tool: dusty mop

(3)regular cleaning and maintenance

⒈Push dust machine Or vacuum cleaner.

⒉Flooring cleaning glazing agent diluted with water at 1: 20, mop the flooring or cooperate with high speed polishing machine and red disc for grinding. 

⒊1-2 layers of high strength surface wax.

⒋ As required, you can use high speed polishing machine with white polishing pad to do polish . 

Cleaning agent: floor cleaning agent high strength surface wax

Tools: dust grinder, red/white grinder, suction machine, Wax squeezing machine 

(4)Fourth. Complete refurbishment

⒈Dust removal or vacuum cleaner

⒉2.Strong wax water 1: 10 diluted after evenly coated on the ground, and wait 5 to 10 minutes, wipe the ground with red grinding machine low speed cleaning, wax removal. The water absorption machine is used to dry up the sewage in time.

⒊3.Wash and dry with water until no residual detergent is left on the ground.

⒋4.As required, coat 1-2 layers of high strength wax.

Cleaner: floor cleaner high strength surface wax

Tools: dust grinder, red, white grinder, suction machine, wax drag water press

(5)Fifth. Treatment of special foulin

⒈Oil pollution: local oil pollution, the water degreaser pour onto the towel directly; large area of oil pollution, the special water degreaser at 1:10 diluted, using the rubbing machine and red grinding to clean at low speed.

⒉Black offset printing: spray cleaning wax with high-speed polishing machine plus white polishing pad to polish. For longer time black offset printing, strong black offset remover can be poured onto the towel to wipe directly.

⒊Glue or gum: use professional strong glue remover to pour onto towel and wipe away.

Cleaner: water degreaser, jet cleaning wax, strong black offset printing remover, strong degumming cleaner.