German technology, display elegance in a variety of ways
Schnell (China) inherits German technology, adopt waterproof, formaldehyde- free, eco-friendly material, in the production, we always consider the perfect fusion of materials and avoid the defects of traditional technology, we have strict standards of products from four aspects,for example, vision, olfaction, touch and hearing, from visual, designers carefully consider the artistic expression and color match. From tactile, with different textures. From smelling, select formaldehyde- free and eco-friendly materials to develop air standard. From hearing, we use mute and soundproof technology to design multi-dimensional humanized products, whether from product to product material texture , with several generations of craftsmen’s work.
Make the space more elegant by changing the material and technology.
However time goes by, it won't change the space standard.
Different kinds of colors deduce the elegance of different lives.